Scholarship Program

Introducing the 8 Day Home Sale Scholarship Program

We want a better future for our children. As such, we need to start by providing them with as many opportunities as possible: after all, they are going to be the leaders of the future in each and every field. With this in mind, we’ve started the 8 Day Home Sale Scholarship Program to support promising young leaders with interests in real estate.

Why Real Estate?

Real Estate is a pillar of every economy and always will be. Some of the most successful business people in history have been masters of buying, selling, and holding real estate. Understanding real estate has a tremendous benefit to so many careers – law, finance, accounting, banking, lenders, and more.

What You Need To Do

Every year for this scholarship competition, applicants need to create a short video between 2-5 minutes where you talk about:

– How real estate is relevant to your career goals

– Why education is critical for success

– What motivates you

– What does greatness mean to you and why do you strive for it?

The reward? The winner receives $2,000 for higher education as well as receiving the amazing opportunity to intern with 8 Day Home Sale, one of the hottest companies in the world of real estate in the Washington DC area.

Scholarship Guidelines