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Free Brrrr Calculator

This rental property calculator lets you determine important deal economics involved in rental property acquisition. Brrrr is an acronym for buy, renovate, refinance, rent, and repeat. Typically, this means buying a distressed house for a low price, renovating it, refinancing for the new appraised value cashing out as much money as possible, renting it out, and using the money taken out to repeat the process. This investment property calculator / Brrrr calculator will help you determine your cash flow and how profitable your deals will be.

Use the following fields to enter your estimated deal economics. These fields will be used to fill out the calculations section below.


Until this property is rented you will need to pay for water, gas, electricity, etc.



Percentage of time this unit will be vacant on average every year.
Amount of money to allocate per month towards capital expenditures. (?)


The following fields are calculated using the information you have entered above. Please keep in mind that we believe these calculations to be reasonably accurate but they are just estimates.

Total Investment
$ -
After the project is complete, how much money do you have invested in the project.
Cash on Cash Return
- %
Cash on Cash is your net yearly rent income divided by total investment.
Monthly Net Income
$ -
The amount of money you will make monthly in rent.
Total Cash Required
$ -
This is the amount of money you will need to complete the project.